Note: there is mandatory attendance for Thursday Academic Sessions for all residents, except those on vacation. For PGY3+ EM/geriatric EM residents, these sessions are optional and if you're interested in attending, please contact Sharona at


ECG Review

Casting & MSK Review

Radiology Review

  • In blocks that do not have Radiology Review as one of the weekly sessions, you're welcome to view the recorded version of this lecture

  • OPTIONAL: NOT required for the session. If you were looking for additional resources to review Emergency Radiology, Radiopaedia runs an online Emergency Radiology Course with on demand videos for a fee


  • Every block we host an in person simulation session at Sim Sinai

  • We check carefully to ensure that we aren't repeating cases for those of you who may have multiple ER blocks at Sinai so these sessions are mandatory for all residents

  • OPTIONAL: if you're looking to do additional virtual simulation cases online:


ABC's in Emergency Medicine - University of Toronto

  • Click here to access

  • A core handbook of emergency medicine topics created for those doing the clerkship rotation but a good refresher for residents as well.

Supplemental Emergency Medicine Experience (SEME)


Emergency Medicine Cases

Funded by MSH The Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Medicine Institute (SREMI), EM Cases is a free Canadian medical education podcast, medical blog and website dedicated to providing online emergency medicine education. This entire digital system includes podcasts, videos, e-books and more. Founded by Dr. Anton Helman.

First 10EM

  • Click here to access website

  • Created by Dr. Justin Morgenstern, this Canadian FOAM resource helps readers develop a framework for how to approach the first ten minutes in the resuscitation room

Other Online Podcasts/Videos

  • EM:RAP: paid subscriptions, with several categories of podcasts for different level of learners, e.g. main episodes, C3 (core content for clerks and residents), Crunch Time EM (quick review, more advanced concepts)

  • HippoEM: If you prefer watching the content in video format

  • CorePendium: online searchable Emergency Medicine textbook released by EM:RAP

Emergency medicine books


  • Note: MSH has no affiliation with any of the following companies and does not endorse any one particular resource. While more rigorous resources are great for learning, on shift, it may be helpful to have apps for quick reference.

  • Quick reference EM apps:

    • PEPID - paid subscription but has free trial

    • WikEM - free open-access

  • For Antimicrobial Stewardship:

  • For Trauma/Resusc:

  • For OB/GYN issues:

    • OB Wheel: helpful to calculate LMP/conception/due date (one time fee)

    • Infant Risk: for drug safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • For pediatric EM:

    • Pedi STAT excellent for doses and vitals

    • Firstline (formerly known as Spectrum): Antimicrobial guidelines for children, created by CHEO (Ottawa)

    • Trekk: Canadian Pediatric Guidelines

  • Thrombosis Canada: guidelines for VTE and DOAC treatments